rich boys love 44

.. the next day me and harvey woke up about 7ish in the morning and got into the shower we was kissing against the wall (my back was really cold lol) we had something to eat and some coffee and i had a ciggarrete so are day went on and we both got dressed into are tuxes and harvey looked really hot in it i got a call on my cell and was told are limo was at the enterance of the apartments so me and harvey went down too the enterance and got in when we arrive at the formal dance we was greeted and we went in when we went into the main area harvey wispered in my ear “its really posh here isnt it?” “its not bad babe” a man walked upto us and said “good everning leonardo and guest” “this is my hustband carl” “please to meet you hustband” after saying that he offered his hand harvey shook his hand and we walked off harvey said to me “he is a bit of a bastard isnt he babe” “you got no idea” the music started and a voice addressed us all and said “will all guest please make there way onto the dance floor for the opening dance” so me and harvey made are way onto the dance floor harvey took my hand and we made are way onto the dance floor we was dancing for about 20 minutes carl danced near me and said “still heavey on your feet then leonardo” “but im sill a better dancer than you carl and you got 40 years on me” i gave a smug smile after a few dances me and harvey went to have a sit down carl walked over to me and said “you still got you attitude problem then?” “yes i do but remember i know alot more about you to affect your reputation than you got on me” “that attitude will affect you in the future you little bastard” “dont count on it” so me and harvey got something to eat and harvey said “what does he know about you that will affect your future?” “”nothing babe all he knows about me is i smoked underage and drink babe but he like to play the rich bitch” harvey laughed and said “isnt that your website name babe” i laughted and said “yes it is babe” so me and harvey went and danced some more and we sat down again carl and his wife walked over to me and harvey and i said to harvey we though to put cnfessions of a call girl on record babe carl shot me a dirty look and a look to say you wont dare so carls wife said hello and we exchanged greeting she asked if we was having fun and i said “not as much as your hustband is being let of the leash” she smiled at us and me and harvey decided it was time to go on are way out carl walked up to me and said “your lucky your only 19 boy or id punch that smart ass smile of your face” i reached into my pocket and pulled out $20 and though it at him and said “put that toward your next whore carl” when me and harvey got home i sat down and harvey sat ontop of me he started kissing me and i kissed him back he undid my bow tie and my shirt and toke my top half of clothes off i did the same to harvey and he said “guess my ban is over babe” i laughed at harvey and said “i guess so babe” harvey started moving his hand up and down my body and i started kissing his neck and i undid his pants and harvey undid mine and we took them off i looked at harvey and said “babe why are you not wearing any boxers?” harvey smiled at me and said “”because i know you like it that way “” harvey took my boxers off and started jacking me off when i came he drank my loads and laid ontop of me he shoved his dick in me and it felt amazing (seriously i had thought how good it is) before harvey started thrusting i said “dont do it to hard babe you havent fully recovered yet” harvey winked at me and started thrusting me and a normal speed it felt really really good about an hour or so later harvey hand cummed in me and landed on top of me all sweatey and out of breath but he said to me “you was right babe when we do finaly have sex it was going to be worth the wait” i went a little red so i tried to hide my face harvey moved my face back to where he could see me and said “dont hide babe it cute when you go red” i said “not it not babe its embarresing” harvey gave me a kiss on my forehead and said “come on babe lets go to bed” so we got out of the living room area seats and went into are bedroom when we got into bed i kissed harvey goodnight and i said “babe?” harvey said “yes” i said “i love you more than anything in the word you make me complete” harvey gave me and massive kiss and said “aww babe that is so sweet and i love you more than words can ever say babe” so me and harvey laid down and just looked at each other until we feel asleep (well i feel asleep) half way though the night i woke up to go to the toilet when i was done i could hear harvey saying my name so i walked back into the bedroomm and said “i went for a wee babe” harvey gave me a kiss and i went back to sleep in his arms feeling safe and warm and very hot (harvey has a really warm boy temp)

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